Sincere thanks to all of the clients who have

taken time to say these kind words in my behalf.

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“A combination of acupuncture and exercise with Ann Barbour helped me to avoid surgery on my frozen shoulder. She is an excellent trainer with solid knowledge of the body and how it works best. She is patient, and provides systematic, individualized programs.”

                                                          A grateful client, Jeanne Reynolds


“Training with Ann Barbour in GYROTONIC®, GYROKINESIS® and Pilates has proven to be not only one of the most enjoyable training experiences, but also one of the most beneficial additions to my training regime. She possesses the innate ability to pinpoint and assess specific needs and weaknesses in the body, and diagnose the remedy for each individual.

As a martial artist, I am constantly reminded of the need to keep my body in shape by maintaining flexibility ,endurance, strength, and overall fitness. Ann Barbour has been an invaluable asset as my personal trainer, and I highly recommend training with her.”

Dan Inosanto

Founder/Head Instructor

Inosanto Academy of Martial Arts

Ann is a nurturing and inspirational teacher, mentor and friend. In addition to her innate physical and professional gifts, she possesses a keen and sensitive insight  into the intricacies of the human spirit.

I have struggled with numerous programs, routines and regimens over the years. with Ann’s guidance and instruction,  I have never before felt so motivated, capable, balanced and in touch with my whole self.

Alma Derricks


“Ann, many thanks for your exercise plans in advance of my knee surgery and for the equally excellent post-operative exercise regimen you devised. I credit you for making the entire undertaking much easier than I expected.”


Cal Kutrtzman, DDS, Dr PHD

Post knee surgery, 2010

"Working with Ann was an invaluable experience. She is able to fuse her extensive knowledge of classical ballet with the GYROTONIC® Method, providing a progressive approach to cross training for dancers as well the art form itself. It is so rewarding to be able to transfer my work with Ann to my ballet training and rehearsals with my coach, Gelsey Kirkland."

India Rose

Student at Gelsey Kirkland Academy of Classical Ballet, NYC

May 2011

My name is Marc Denny.

I am a professional martial arts instructor known for a particularly rugged form of fighting. In 1992 at the age of 40, a freak training accident snapped the ACL, PCL and LCL of my left knee. I was told that my days as an athlete were over, and that the most I could hope for was perhaps a light game of tennis.

Three surgeries to replace these broken ligaments with tendons from a cadaver left me off the leg for 11 months. The atrophy was tremendous -  my thigh was the size of my arm. Equally tremendous was the misalignment of my body. Although through determination and hard training I was able to return successfully as a fighter, the misalignment of my skeletal structure continued. This left me susceptible to injury and requiring continuous chiropractic treatment (typically 6 - 8 times a month for a VERY painful adjustment to the sacrum), and engaged in a seemingly Sisyphean struggle for a solution. At GREAT expense, I tried all kinds of bodywork, all kinds of exercises, yet the left leg stayed weak, my sacrum and back kept going out, the shoulders were plagued with injury and pain, the neck was always tense, etc. Often I felt very frustrated.

After about six years of this, I was introduced to Ann Barbour. In the two years that I trained with her, the results have been profound. My left leg is as strong as before the injury. I squat better and heavier than  ever before, and run “dune Hill “ in Manhattan Beach better than ever. My sacrum hardly ever goes out (a minor chiropractic adjustment once or twice a year). My back no longer goes out. My shoulders no longer hurt, and in my martial art training I use my weapons with better movement than before the injury. My neck is strong - which is often tested in grappling with men 20 to 30 years my junior. As an athlete, I move far better than ever before. People compliment me on my appearance (which is hard to get at 49 years of age) - and the kind of people I hang with are not the sort to say these things.

Training with Ann is great fun! There is lots of laughter. Her energy is light, and her ability to “see” what is happening with my body is extraordinary- as is her ability to spontaneously devise exactly the right workout for that day. The depth and array of her knowledge is quite rare - and I say this having seen a lot of people over the years. Even though the misalignment of my body due to the injury is “fixed” for most purposes, I continue to train with Ann to continue improving my performance. My training with her feels like a secret weapon.

Marc Denny

Dog Brothers Martial Arts

“The training you did with me in Pilates has served me for a long time! You had such a gift & were so nice to work with. I’m sure you blessed many dancers.”


Terra Montford, 2011

Dance Ministry Director & Proud Mom

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