Pre & Post Rehabilitation Protocols

While it is important to respect our doctor’s, we must also understand that they are not living in our bodies every day, and do not have the time or means to examine the effects of living with scars and injuries. Regular, consistent training can reveal patterns that may need to be modified in supporting protocols that surgeons and doctors prescribe. Working closely with physicians, adhering to their movement protocols as guidelines in bringing people back to fitness is imperative, and being our own advocates is essential.

ann barbour/studios is on the cutting edge of applying training methods for rehabilitation as a supplement to allopathic medicine. Great results have come from pre-conditioning patients prior to their surgeries, chiropractic adjustments and alternate therapies. When the whole body is strong and supportive, there is less stress to structures which are treated surgically. Muscle atrophy can be rebuilt easier if the muscle already “knows what to do”. Individuals have had excellent results from chiropractic treatments by understanding alignment, strengthening the muscles, and changing habitual movement patterns prior to re-aligning the bones through manipulation.  When alternative therapies are applied, the healthy body seems to respond better than the unhealthy body, and recover more quickly.

“...every movement

can be harmonious

or detrimental.”

Juliu Horvath, 2011


Over the last twenty or so years, Pilates has been quickly accepted by the medical profession because of its popularity, effectiveness and accessibility. Many doctor’s now prescribe Pilates for their patients’, and insurance companies are willing to accept and cover the expenses as legitimate physical therapy for many disorders and injuries.  It has proven to be effective in treatment of a variety of conditions, & especially helpful in building bone for those with osteoporosis.

Increasingly, doctors and physical therapists worldwide are becoming aware of the benefits of GYROTONIC® by trying the system for themselves, and recommending it for their patients. Currently research is accumulating, and papers have been published about the use of this method for alleviating back pain, addressing scoliosis, improving of core stability, function of the shoulder girdle, function of the hips & pelvis, and in many other applications.

Supplemental Programs

GYROTONIC® Applications for Pelvic Girdle

GYROTONIC® Applications for Hands & Feet

GYROTONIC® Hip Replacement

Sports Specific Fitness

Solid priciples of movement can adapted for a variety of sports very successfully. These universal principles are instilled at ann barbour/studios with regard as to how much and how complex the athlete is able to understand.  Once a student demonstrates how to move his or her body with ease, it is fairly simple to transfer the understanding into sport specific protocols, and eventually train for peak performance.

For individuals who want to perform at a level of mastery, it takes talent,

dedication, perseverance, and practice, not to mention adequate rest for

recovery, and attention to diet. It is also critical to have the right information

for the athlete to attain virtuosity.

        Supplemental Programs:

        GYROTONIC® Applications for Golf

        GYROTONIC® Applications for Martial Arts

        GYROKINESIS® Applications for Dancers




“ We aren’t stupid, we’re just old.” Favorite quote from (?)

We now have a generation of elders who don’t want age to stop them in

the pursuit of active lifestyles. The importance of having programs that are

applicable in prevention of falls, that improve range of motion and maintain

strength, flexibility and balance is key.  GYROTONIC® and Pilates are ideal

for Senior athletes who need to maintain fitness without compressing,

compacting or pounding motions.

Over the last 15 years, my work with seniors has been enlightening. Often injuries have accumulated through a lifetime, and there are concerns about rigidity, loss of ability and fear of being hurt by overzealous trainers. For individuals who are injured or need special assistance, protocols can be

simplified, and exercises prescribed which will support the body’s weaknesses while building strength,

or changing bad posture and old habits. Progressing slowly, building exercises with respect to various conditions, and following advice from doctors are significant measures taken to minimize problems associated with exercising through the “golden years”.

As we age, the problems only magnify, and what we previously thought was unimportant becomes very important in maintaining quality of life. Concerns about falling, stiffness and the general aches and pains of aging seem to be of less concern when a regular program is maintained. GYROTONIC® works wonders on those stiff and ache joints, and it still amazes me how bodies that were once rigid become more elastic through the gentle pulsating movements.

Some of the best students are “older folks” because they are motivated. Seniors should be able to enjoy activity like anyone else - maybe just with a little more care and less speed!! Besides, there is no better incentive than keeping up with Grandchildren. At ann barbour/studios, the seniors are actually spring chickens who inspire us “younger folks” with their wisdom and experience.

Lifestyle Fitness

Most people do not have the luxury of time, commitment and drive it takes to be

a super athlete. Nonetheless, everyone needs to have an outlet for the demands of work, family, school, and the stresses of everyday living.

There are general abilities necessary for all sports which can be taught quite easily, and translated into effective performance skills by most people. Feeling good and enjoying yourself can still be possible while getting the benefits of exercise.


Children benefit tremendously from the GYROTONIC® & GYROKINESIS® exercises at a time when their glandular development, physical dexterity, coordination and physical awareness are at vital stages of growth. They have a natural sense of playfulness without inhibition which can be expressed in movement quite easily. 

Drawing by Gina, 1st Grade,1996

Age Appropriate Programs

Understanding the needs of special populations.

Effective Athletic Coaching

  Evaluate the problem.

   Find a solution specific to the athlete.

   Understand the athlete’s needs. 

   Communicate with clear, simple concepts.


   Knowing how and when to apply corrections is

   essential, and the sign of an experienced instructor.

Postural Alignment & Injury Prevention

“Form Follows Function”

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”

There is an architecture to the human body that is just as beautiful as a well designed

building, and no less intricate. Building the human body is similar to building a structure

in approach. There has to be a solid foundation before the walls and roof go on, but the

decoration should be the last part to be included.

By aligning the skeletal structure and balancing joint mobility with strong yet pliable

muscles, tensions within the body are minimized. In correcting the alignment of the

skeleton, under-active muscles begin to ignite, and overworked muscles are able to

relax. Subsequently, better movement patterns result, and good posture is

easily maintained.

Establishing this balance within the the body is one way to prevent injury. By

listening to the cues you body is giving you, and addressing them consistently,

those little aches and pains can be prevented from becoming major impairments.

An imbalance in one structure often leads to a chain reaction if not cared for

properly. Then instead of one injury, multiple injuries occur, and  a whole chain

of problems need to be unwound. Moving with balanced alignment is the goal,

and when mastered makes even the most difficult

movements look effortless.

Understanding the structural limitations of one’s body gives individuals

power to make intelligent choices about the kinds of exercises

and systems work best for their body type.

Dance Conditioning & Dance Coaching

The Ultimate in Specialized Training!

GYROTONIC®, GYROKINESIS® and Pilates are industry standards for dancers who want to maintain peak fitness throughout their careers. Not only is it important to supplement dance training in able to pursue a career, it is an even more important when one’s professional dancing is over. Often, dancers segue into teaching careers. Having a strong background in these methodologies enables them to extend their love of dance into maturity with much less fallout and pain.

For many years I was under the tutelage of Christine Bernal, who was one of two ballet instructors referred for post- injury rehabilitation by Marika Molnar. Ms. Molnar is the preeminent physical therapist in the field of dance medicine. She has forged protocols specific to facilitate healing and elite performance for dancers.  These are people whose careers depend on being healthy and strong beyond what normal athletes could ever imagine. She has worked with dancers from the most prestigious companies in the world- including American Ballet Theatre and New York City Ballet.

Dancers must learn to control their emotional states and deal with the pressures of performance at a very young age. Having tools to care for themselves when injured and ways to deal with stress when it becomes overbearing is just as critical as learning technique. Using your body as your instrument means that it will eventually give out in some weak link, or due to overuse and repetitive movement strain. Being prepared to handle this is an integral part of dance coaching that must be addressed along with

training for superior performance.

Supplemental Programs

Yoga for Dancers

“A dancer has to   be strong in mind    & spirit with a desire that is unstoppable. It is not enough to have skills and abilities which can allow them to be competitive enough to make a living with this art form. They need to have gifts of poetic inspiration, while giving artistic performances with virtuosity, prowess, mastery, and competence.”

AB 2011

Pre & Postnatal Fitness

The best time to take care of the body and prepare for children is prior to pregnancy. Ann barbour/studios can help you train for all of the unexpected lifting & bending that goes along with taking care of an infant. Please ask about classes specific to the needs of women who are pregnant or postpartum. We can even take care of the kids!

Specialized Programs


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