WELCOME!  ann barbour studios is a premier boutique fitness facility dedicated to excellence in teaching dance and sport conditioning through the use of Pilates, GYROTONIC®, GYROKINESIS® and Free Weights. Regimen from various sports and forms of dance training may be included with your personal sessions for customized cross-training.

Individuals discover their movement potential in a healthy, safe and private environment where personal attention is assured. This allows students to progress at their own pace, ask questions and address concerns, and practice individualized workouts in a quiet facility with no distractions. Programs are designed with respect to personal goals and specific needs - whether the focus is elite skill development, general fitness or injury prevention and care. 

Exercises are adaptable to all ages and experience levels. Everyone is welcome!

Invigorate & Energize the Body
Strengthen the Muscular & Nervous Systems
Increase Spinal Flexibility
Support Postural Alignment
Enjoy Your Workouts
Improve Quality of Life
De-Stress, Relax the Mind

Lifestyle Fitness

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Postural Alignment & Injury Prevention

Pre & Post Rehabilitation Protocols

Dance Conditioning & Coaching

Age Appropriate Programs 

Para-natal Fitness


ann barbour /studios has an assortment of products designed to enhance your workouts and assist you in taking care of  your healthy body and mind. Staying informed about the latest trends, insures that you will have the best products at your disposal.

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