Ann Barbour is the primary instructor at ann barbour/studios with teaching experience in private studios, colleges, medical establishments and performing arts institutions since 1985. Her premier boutique studio opened in March 2002, and has celebrated nine years in West Los Angeles.

Ann danced professionally, performing in New York and nationally in television and commercial projects with sponsors including American Airlines, Dupont, United States Tennis Association (U.S. Open), Miss America, Rosignal, Head, Adidas, and Ray Ban to name a few. Several favorite moments include meeting Mitzi Gaynor, and opening for Germaine Jackson on the Regis Philbin Show, Live! with Regis & Kathy Lee in the 1980’s.

In addition to performing, Ann has coached a generation of dancers, some who have progressed to professional careers. Special projects include laying the foundation for the Orange Coast College Performing Dance Ensemble, creating interdisciplinary programs and choreography for educating elementary school students and adults, and the Pacific Regional Dance Conference. As founder and creative Director of “the Muse Project” she taught workshops for the Orange County Teachers Association, U.C. Riverside, O.C.C. Friends of the Library and San Diego Museum of Man.

Introduced to the Gyrotonic®  method by a fellow dancer (around 1988/89), Ann connected with it immediately, and is passionate about sharing the experience with others.   She has been instrumental in bringing awareness of Pilates, Gyrotonic® and GyroKINESiS® to the public and to dance programs on the West Coast at the West Coast Conservatory of Ballet and Orange Coast College, the Orange County High School for Performing Arts, and throughout West Los Angeles. She enjoys being on the cutting edge new concepts in fitness, and is pleased that these methods have gained acceptance. Working with prospective teachers through the Gyrotonic® Pre-Training Program is especially rewarding and a way to “give back”.

Explorations with yoga, tai chi, Thai massage, meditation, weight lifting, martial arts, sports and sports medicine continue to inform her teaching. In addition to movement skills, Ann has worked as a graphic designer on miscellaneous projects and for a division of Marvel, and enjoys combining the two vocations. Her love of the outdoors and nature inspires her life, finding its way into the expressions of art and dance ... with an abundance of music for enjoyment.


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RELATED Training

Thai Massage, Geometrix  

Orthopedic Evaluations

College Courses in Sports Medicine,

                        Anatomy & Physiology 

Bachelor of ARTS Degree

San Diego State University:

Major in Graphic Communications Minor in Dance, Honors Student


In 1983, Ann began teaching the Corolla Trier lineage of Pilates with a strict apprenticeship supervised by Fran Lehen. She was an essential part of the expansion into what became Groundfloor Studios, and assisted in training instructors for the first Pilates studio in Boston for a private practice owned by Dr. Ben Benjamin.

* Corolla Trier was one of Joseph Pilates’ original five instructors. The Pilates Method was in its infancy at the time with about five studios worldwide.

Teacher Training with Romana Kryzanowska in the classic original method.


Certified by Juliu Horvath in 1995


Gyrotonic Level 1 & Gyrotonic Level 2 (Juliu Horvath)

Gyrokinesis Level 1 & Gyrokinesis Level 2 (Juliu Horvath) 


    Jumping Stretching Board, Gyrotoner, Leg Piece, Ladder



   Applications for Golf

    Applications for Martial Arts

    Applications for Hands & Feet

    Additional Workshops:

   Breath Workshops with Juliu Horvath 

    Musicality & Circuit Training

    Yoga for Dancers


   Applications for Pelvic Girdle

    Applications for Hip Replacement


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